Gin aus Tirol

Macho Destillerie, Nauders, Tirol, Österreich

"Herr Friedrich" Tyrolean Gin - test report


you can't avoid the "M-pReis".

I couldn't resist a bottle of the in-house gin brand "HERR FRIEDRICH".

"Mr. Friedrich" is made from old bread, very ecological and economical.

"Herr Friedrich" also scored 92 points in the Falstaff Gin Trophy.

that makes you curious.

the taste of a really classic gin. He does not try to convince with creativity or fancy, but with a real classic taste that does not need to shy away from international comparison.

if you served this gin in london you would not think that it comes from tyrol.

in my closet it now has a place as a gin for all cases. if one of my friends doesn't really like gin, I know that I can reverse the polarity with "HERR FRIEDRICH".

the bottle is also simply stylish and unobtrusive but striking.

all in all a great gin that belongs in every collection, especially at a good price.