Gin aus Tirol

Macho Destillerie, Nauders, Tirol, Österreich

ZIRBIN Dry Gin - A sip of Tyrol! - Review


shortly after ordering at, the bottle was delivered well packaged.

I opened the package very excited and with a clear head and sober stomach.

the bottle is very high quality and lovingly labeled.

The zirbe, Tyrol's most distinctive tree, has been made into schnapps for centuries.

packaged in a luxurious gin made me very excited.

The first step was the PUR test:

a hearty sip straight from the bottle is always the method of my choice.

and I was truly surprised. i would have expected the zirm taste to stand out, but the opposite was the case.
the taste of the Swiss pine is nicely integrated, well noticeable, but not intrusive or exaggerated.
if you don't know the Swiss pine, you would never have guessed it and simply tap on a blatant secret botanical mixture.
it does not appear clumsy or put on but is ingeniously fitted.

one of the best gins I've ever seen.

then of course it was the test with classic tonic:

and the ZIRBIN also impressed over the full length. in the blazing sun with a thomas henry and a little ice, the zirbin made me forget the time.

After passing the test, the bottle went carefully to a highlighted place in my fuel cabinet and the content has been disappearing regularly since I visited.

the ZIRBIN is therefore highly recommended and should not be missing in any better collection!